NEOTAG: minimum dimensions – maximum range


NEOSID offers a new transponder type: RFID HF NeoTAG. It is characterized by extremely small dimensions, a large reading range, simplicity of assembly and exceptional resistance, e.g. for low and high temperatures, for vibrations, overloading, vibrations while meeting all functional features. The most important advantage is the possibility of using NeoTAG in a metal environment (e.g. steel, aluminum, brass).
The highly automated production process ensures receipt of very high quality tags with 100% control of product parameters.

The NeoTAG frequency range is 13.56 MHz. All the parameters can be adapted to the individual needs of customers.

Basic types of NeoTAGs:

Real dimensions of NeoTAG:

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    Features of all the varieties of NeoTAGs:

    1. Miniature dimensions

    2. Possibility to work in a metal environment (steel, aluminum …)

    3. Large reading range – up to 200 mm *

    4. Ability to read dozens of NeoTAGs simultaneously *

    5. Resistance to high temperatures – over 250 °C **

    6. Resistance to vibrations, surges and overloads ***
    7. Resistance to atmospheric conditions

    8. Wide temperature range of cooperation with the reader – from -20 °C to 80 °C

 * reading depends on the working environment, mounting method, mutual position of NeoTAG antenna and reader antenna *
  ** – 275 °C for 15 minutes; 220 °C for 2 hours; 200 °C for 5 hours
  *** resistance to 100 falls from a height of 2 m on a concrete ground


   Selected technical properties of NeoTAGs:

    1. Passive transponder in accordance with the ISO / IEC 15 693 standard
    2. The unique 64-bit UID of the product
    3. Available memory for the user – 896 bits; recording / reading
    4. Securing the saved data with a 32-bit password
    5. Durability of data storage – 50 years

   There are also tags operating on other frequencies

   Areas of application:
    1. Checking the condition of machines and devices, eg technical inspections, maintenance history
    2. Marking of special-purpose equipment, e.g. medical equipment, containers for food production (HACAP), weapons …
    3. Production management and control, e.g. monitoring of production stages, data collection and archiving …
    4. Monitoring, e.g. expiration data, number of tools in packaging, etc.
    5. Anti-theft security devices, such as bicycle rentals, construction equipment rentals, libraries …

        Werenbach Watches

        NFC- Smartphone readable: NeoTAG® Label MF/F2108

    This new type of transponder was developed specially for applications where it is not possible to use one of our proven       NeoTAG® transponder in Inlay, Plug or Flag versions due to the design requirement of the object.

    Compared to the other NeoTAG transponder designs, the larger antenna surface offers particularly exceptional  read           properties when combined with mobile end devices such as smartphones.



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