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March 2017

On 14th-17th March 2017, XXIII International Fair for Industrial Automation AUTOMATICON was held in Warsaw, where NEOTECH presented its product offer. We sincerely thank you for visiting our booth and are looking forward to working with you.

December 2016

Successfully completed work on winders NCJ-36 S2F for the Chinese company Ningbo ASK Automotive Sound and Communication Co., Ltd.

September-October 2016

Our flagship winder NCJ-22 will soon take a job at the Bialystok recipient LPGTECH Ltd.

August-September 2016

Among many tasks during this time the adaptation of UPL-01 to produce fuzes 4 mm and 5 mm for DELLNER Components Ltd. deserves mentioning.

July-August 2016

We started and continue the project of transferring the machines Prosys from U.S.A. to Poland. At the same time we have taken to adapt the machines to the requirements of EU directives for the company SMP Poland Ltd.

June-July 2016

The new single-spindle winder NCJ-42 S43 and NBW-02 are coming to an end. The lucky recipients are the companies: EMA-ELFA and ABB Ltd.

May-June 2016

In June, we proudly completed the construction of the modern automatic machine type ACP-01 for the company NEOSID Pemetzrieder GmbH & CoKG.

April-May 2016

The cooperation with ASK Poland Ltd. finished successfully with the other single spindle winders type NCJ-36 S2F.


March-April 2016

Currently, our team of professionals works on the construction of the automatic single spindle winder type NCJ-22 TSP5 for the company POLFER Components Induction S.A., which will automate the process of winding coils with termo-cemented wire.



February-March 2016

Another project of our company is a thorough modernization of an Italian winder Kinomat we perform for ASK Poland. With the new year we started creating single-spindle winders type NCJ-22 SO2 equipped to the production of coils project 2600 and 3000.



January-February 2016

Currently we take up next single spindle telecoil winders  type NCJ-22 SO5 for the company SONION Poland. Telecoils are used, for example, in hearing aids.