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NeoTAG - transponder RFID

NEOTAG: minimal Design – maximum Range

The miniaturized NEOTAG RFID HF transponders are astonishingly small and have a remarkable reading range – even in a metal-loaded environment. NEOSID offers, with immediate effect, a new generation of RFID TAGS with a high reading range – with the design being extremely small. An ingeniously devised ferrite core will optimize the reading in a metal-loaded environment. The compact NEOTAG components are therefore suitable for many jobs which require especially small transponders with a high reading range. Fields of application are the warehouse and logistics management, inventorisation, production follow-up and tracking as well as near field communication, to name but a few.

The frequency range of the tiny devices levels at 13.56 MHz. The transponder will generally be delivered with a read/write chip. Up to 50 TAGs per second can be recognized simultaneously. The amazing thing is that this output has been concentrated at an area of just 2.6 by 2.4 mm. It is a matter of course that the specifications can be individually adapted
to the customer’s requirements.

The NEOTAG HF transponders conform to ISO/IEC standard 15693.


neotag techniczny
neotag techniczny
neotag techniczny2
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